5 destinations that will inspire your outfits

by Francesca Meleddu


Travel is something that most of us would like to tick off from the bucket list.

Getting lost in eclectic landscapes, sightseeing beautiful Renaissance period buildings, tasting new flavours under a sky full of stars. 

Not to speak of the amazing local designer’s clothes that you would find hidden in some stone-floor narrowed streets, or the beautiful breakfast at the poolside, putting on only your pastel-colour- tropical-print bikini….

Here you will find 5 of the top destinations that will inspire you and your outfits.


This Indonesian Paradise welcomes more than half a million tourists every year, and it promptly became one of the world’s ethereal beauty icons.

But guys, really, I mean it still is Bali: crystalline waters, the whitest beaches ever, huge shells abandoned on the seashores…. How can you not get inspired by this wild island?

Balinese’s street market will transport you into a totally different parallel world, where women wear colourful long dresses, and carry straw buckets on the top of their head, walking through sandy streets, mumbling some lyrics of ancients songs.

Imagine yourself walking on Bali’s main road, Mandara Toll, and draw yourself in that image. After having looked at that, your style will definitely absorb a bit of Balinese’s style, starting from colours: long colourful dresses, skirts, tops. Colours will remind you of the sunny days at the beach sipping a cocktail. 


courtesy of Robert Wieczorek @anotherday_inheaven


Sandals: with or without laces, enriched with gems details, or plain, sandals are definitely a must when it comes to Bali. Whenever you go, it’ll always seem like you’re transported to a mystical island, where the sun is a must-have. And when the days are too hot, there’s no bigger pleasure than wearing lace sandals to explore, or even to go out in the evening. Yes, you read right: no more high heels in the crowded pubs, or stiletto shoes that hurt your toes until it seems they’re cracking. Flat shoes will give you the comfort and the right look you’re looking for.

Flower prints: Flowers, flowers, and again flowers. Hibiscus and other tropical colourful plants will surround you during your visit to Bali, so better keep your eyes wide open to catch all the typical Bali’s flora and bring it back to the city!




Machu Picchu 

South America can be extremely exotic, and it is definitely a goal destination for many people.

Peru is on the top of that list: an ancient land, full of traces of the forgotten past civilizations, surrounded by great green fields where packs of Lama and Alpaca can breed and conduce a quiet, but still interesting existence.

Machu Picchu, in particular, will transport you to a whole different world, with its mystical temple and his anciently beautiful landscapes.

In there, you could find a lot of inspiration, starting from the Alpaca wool, which can be worn as part of a warm twin set, or as long beige-tonalities cardigan.

Other great items you’ll find here will be printed oversize garments: following the beautiful traditions and folklore of Peruvian habitants, oversize clothes are the best way to make your style cool. Typical prints are geometrical figures like squares, triangles, lines, but you can definitely play around as it fits you best. Being funny and creative is the key-word!

Peruvian style is not as colourful as the Balinese one, but there’re at least two major colours you’ll fall in love with: olive and burgundy: those shades are a perfect match if you fancy warm colours to mix and match with basic items as plain shirts or skirts. Denim is a wear-with-all texture, and it will definitely become a “thing” if you decide to match it with one of these Peruvian super trendy items!




So get ready to get high (the Machu Picchu town is set on a mountain ridge 2,430 meters high!), and let the South America vibe get hold of you and transform you in a vibrant fashion icon!





India is well-known for being a mysterious, full-of-traditions-and-legends country, where magic and reality lines are so blurred that you don’t know if what you’re experiencing is a dream or just a parallel reality.

But whatever your sensation is, India is definitely a place to include on your bucket list, if you haven’t done so already.

Goa is one of the greatest cities of this old and beautiful country, and it’s definitely a fashion-destination that will inspire you.

Not only because in India are based most of the biggest texture factories of the Western countries, but because every small detail over there is soaked in tradition and culture.

Let your style be inspired by the long skirts and trousers: if you’re visiting India’s sacred temples, you have to wear long dresses to cover your legs (it is really rude to get inside a Mosque with short sleeves or up-to-the knee skirts), and this could totally be a turn-over: wide long colourful fresh and comfy trouser, printed or plain, to match with long sleeve tops, or crop sweater, could be your new "it" item.



Accessories: yes, a bit of sparkle! Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces: every piece of accessory is welcomed in India, and it is actually valued by the Goa townies, wearing a lot of them themselves. My advice is always to wear a piece of jewellery: it enriches your outfit, transforming something potentially plain into a stylish look. The Indian opulent accessories can be worn with a plain outfit, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind one. Get crazy and mix and match whatever you feel more comfortable with: sparkling gems, colourful anklets, nose rings. Have fun and try to widen your horizons: Indian style here we come!



Endless desert, mirages, camels. Nothing is more exotic than Egyptian landscapes.

Cairo is since forever the city where men are only tiny figures, compared to Pyramids and Sphinxes. But behind all this history lays a whole fashion world ready to be discovered.

Strolling around El Cairo bazars, you’ll find a thousand and one Arabian Nights ideas, starting with gold - like the sand that surround Egypt, gold is the evergreen colour. Whether you choose to wear golden dresses or golden accessories, once you try this tone, you will never want to take it off!

Hats are the other Egyptian inspirational items that will give you that je ne sais quoi that will make you stand out from the crowd. Big warm-colours hats, to protect yourself from the sunny African days, will give you that extra chic touch that will attract the attention of a possible Aladdin out there!




The shawl is another great item you’ll fall in love with, and will become an integrant part of your every-day closet. A long soft silk shawl, to match with long summery dresses, or to give a touch of colour to your black outfit for your African night dates. Elegant and royal it is definitely a must have.




Cairo will enchant you and these accessories will turn you into the princess I know you are!



The Sultan Ahmed Mosque watched from afar is SO beautiful. I can’t believe how Istanbul can be so torn: one side of the city is western-like - big malls and paved long and wide main roads while the other side is ancient and folkloristic, full of small local shops, where everything can be found: from pottery to shoes, passing through accessories and handbags.

And bags are for sure at the top of my Istanbul inspirational items list: small or big, simple or enriched with intricate works, bags are obviously a MUST for women, and Istanbul offers you the most eclectic models, for all tastes.




Baggy trousers are definitely another trendy item you can find in Turkey: taking inspiration from the traditional salvar baggy trousers from the Ottoman era, worn by men with an optional loose coat called Jubba, and by women with rich handmade tops, this item is comfy, cosy and super versatile! Embrace Turkish culture, and let it transform you.


After those beautiful 5 cities' inspirational items, you will not be the same: you’ll have learnt that fashion is something you can discover, something you can adjust and borrow from other cultures.

Ralph Lauren once said: “I’ve never wanted to be in fashion because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion”. I would never dare to object Mr Lauren, but surely he’s right here: don’t be in fashion, create the fashion. Reinvent yourself, take risks, and challenge your style. Travel, and let the travel change you!


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