Creating and developing your own sense of fashion and style

Creating and developing your own sense of fashion and style

Written by our stylist Chris

Ever wondered what style truly means? A style is nothing but an expression of self that we convey through what we’re wearing! Therefore, clothes and accessories play a very important role when it comes to showcase the best version of ourselves. As a stylist I often come across women with a “closet full of clothes, nothing to wear”. I’m telling you, this is not a funny phrase from a chick flick, it’s a real fact. Why is that you might ask? I wrote a whole list of reasons that you can check here, but today let’s discuss style. Or, more precisely, the confusion about different styles and what we want to communicate through ours.

We tend to shop all sorts of trendy women’s clothing we see online when in reality we should be shopping based solely on who we are and what suits our personality. I’ve worked with this woman who tons of floral items that she almost hated. She reckon it must have been the trend, but wasn’t really her taste. Other woman had too many plain items. Did she needed five long black skirts? Or ten black tops for women? No! She always felt quite invisible when in reality she had a bubbly personality. One long black skirt is enough. Invest in a little black dress or a black fitted jumpsuit.

I often do this exercise with women and it’s really useful. I advise you to do the same before you hit again all your favourite online clothing stores.

Stay in front of your closet and make an outfit that you would wear to:

  1. A gathering where you would meat people for the first time, but unfortunately you are voiceless. You need your appearance to tell the most accurate story about you.
  2. An accidental rendezvous with your nemesis.

 This is how I get a sense of who they are and also how they envision themselves as their best version.

Copying is one pitfall that lands us in the worst zone where in our attempt to feel confident we often end up feeling more miserable about ourselves. So the secret lies in being true to oneself which comes from wearing the tone of style that truly indicates our personality type. You may get across a lot of different styles in women clothing and accessories but how to choose your own flavor remains the actual concern.

Women’s clothing online stores have become the biggest boons of the time based on the diverse displays of fashion clothes for women. Possibilities are endless and we can create a fair play of fashion.

Let’s explore and talk about a few style segments that have made the category of their own and have proved themselves as a strong expressionover a period of time!

  1. Sexy: The bold and sassy expression is worn in the style of sexy attires that define the sensuous vibe! Most would say that sexy is an attitude, not an outfit. Can’t argue with that, but a pair of high heels or an off-shoulder dress are right there next to it. You can keep the classiest colours like black or red, or you can try something a bit more different like this Meet me on the Dance floor dress in green mint. One thing that really irritates me is the belief that women can only be sexy wearing amazing dresses or short skirts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a sleek pair of womens trousers can be a lethal weapon. Check out this black skinny pair with intriguing see-through details on the back. 

  1. Casual: The easy-breezy vibe is expressed with the spirit of casual clothing. Think the opposite of formal and the peek of comfort. The careless easygoing trace is all it has to say. However, let’s not compromise look over comfort. You can wear your favourite pair of jeans as long as you want, but pick a top with an interesting cut like this Mad about you blouse. I also suggest keeping accessorising to a minimum, but you can add some details to your casual ladies white shirt with something like these spider pins.

  1. Bohemian, also known as boho: This style is for all those that mistakenly landed on the planet but could not have enough of their sense of freedom! Looking at all fashion clothes for women within this aesthetic, we notice a lot of flowy fabrics, floral prints or ethnical inspired statement womenswear. You would probably think colour explosion at first, but white or black can also be integrated. Our Be always blooming trousers are a true manifestation to express the bohemian style that will best compliment the wanderlust souls. Keeping the same monochromatic vibe check out this ladies white shirt. Who would have thought that a white shirt can be boho? Well, it can if it has a surprise ethnic print on the back and cuffs.

Let’s not forget about the accessories. Elements to look for include: embroideries, fringe, tassels, antique finish jewellery, patchwork, braid detailing, rattan bags and belts. Also, don’t be afraid to wear something in a different way that it was intended for. Like this multi-row necklace worn as a trousers/skirt chain accessory.

  1. Sophisticated: The sophisticated range of clothing and accessories are worn where one chooses to express a sense of class, refinement and elegance. Sure, you have the statement dress worn to a fancy event, but you can also achieve a sophisticated look on a daily basis. In this case, less is more, so you can wear a ladies white shirt, but pick an intriguing design or some good accessories to go with it. What’s the symbol of elegance? Pearls. Now, don’t rush into using that old string over and over again. Think outside the box. What about a white shirt that has already pearls incorporated? Or maybe a forgotten piece of jewellery that in my opinion is so underrated nowadays: the brooch. For the ones that don't really believe in “less is more” may I suggest you explore some sparkling options like this wine red extravaganza of women trousers.













  1. Tomboy: The emotion of self-reliance is the prominent shade behind the tomboy style of clothing. Tomboys are pretty much defined by not wearing skirts or dresses. However, you can try some shirt dresses for women with flat Oxford shoes. Experience the masculine streak at its best with a suit, but try one in pastel shades. Keep your ladies white shirt, but add some masculine accents like a tie or some cuff-links. For a more relax look opt-in for some boot-cut jeans or tailored pants with a cool printed t-shirt.

  1. Rocker: Aggression! The burst of energy and enthusiasm is all that comes when you truly step into the zone of a rocker! Think beyond the basics like a leather motorbike jacket or a long black skirt. Play around with black womens blouses with glam details or unique metallic accessories. Chains can also be part of a garment, not only necklaces or belts. I’m also a fan of skinny black pants be them leather or something more sophisticated like these embroidered snake boot trousers.

Do you relate to any of these above? If so, follow their trail of evolution. If not, explore even more areas and discover those that speak about yourself. Experiment with your clothes and accessories to reach the best level of your potential that swells your being with pride and dignity.

Nowhere is written to follow a fixed lane of fashion when you can have a different flavor each day! And speaking the true language of fashion comes from matching your outer sense of style based on your inner expression!

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