Let’s Decode the Language of Colours

Let’s Decode the Language of Colours

Ever wondered what draws us to certain colour preferences?

A lot of us can’t resist buying a dress whenever we see the colour black! Feels easy to wear and looks right for many occasions. For years, girls have been associated with the colour pink and boys to the colour blue! Also, there is a certain grace in the colour white that makes it ever so pristine and desirable no matter in what form we see it.

Every colour transmits a certain message and emotion that we latently perceive but have rarely given it a conscious thought.

In fact, in the place of learning the language of colours we have made certain colour preferences as ultimate stereotypes.

I am writing this as an attempt to signify the hidden emotion of every colour so that you can consciously pick them while choosing your clothes and accessories!

Let’s unearth the secret and make way for some colourful fashion!

  • Red speaks of passion and exuberance
    Red sparks an emotion of vigour and power. So, next time you are oozing out the energy and charisma make sure to pick the red colour attire matching your raised energy levels. Have a look at I Am In Heaven Dress and you will feel the mystique of the colour red!

  • Pink speaks of femininity and nourishment
    Pink is a colour of nourishment and tenderness. Now you know why is it natural for the girls to pick the colour pink that matches the frequency of their gentle and kind demeanour. Be Always Blooming Trousers perfectly justify the emotion of colour pink while giving a soothing effect.
  • Yellow speaks of sunshine and wisdom
    Yellow colour signifies the virtues of hope, happiness, and expansion. Just as the sun recognizes its power in giving away its sunshine to the entire world, the colour Yellow signifies the symbol of strength in unity Experience the charm of the colour Yellow with Let’s Run Away Trousers.
  • Orange speaks of optimism and desire
    Orange is a blend of the colours Red and Yellow, which means a balanced tone formed with less of a fiery Red and with a mellowing effect of Yellow. Indulge into the vitality of the colour orange with our I Am Not Afraid Dress and let your being bloom!
  • Blue speaks of loyalty and knowledge
    The colour blue is symbolically associated with masculine properties. What comes to mind after hearing it? Responsible, Calm, Serine, Collected! Bingo! You got it! Wear the confidence of the colour blue with our On My Own Blouse, right from our elite collection of women’s clothing.

  • Green speaks of Balance and Growth
    Green is the colour of Growth and harmony! Remember what we say when we have to compliment something for its eternal nature - This is just so Evergreen! I See Your True Color Blazer reflects the perfect blend of freshness and prosperity.
  • White speaks of totality and perfection
    White reflects an angelic tone that tends to complement everything! That is why it is called the colour of totality and perfection for it engulfs all the shortcoming in it to make everything whole! Put your hands on Psychedelic Addict Shirt and you will know why white always works!

  • Black speaks of Mystery and Elegance
    No one has ever remained untouched from the deep and magnetic touch of the colour black! Of Course, black is the colour of mystery and unknown that fuels the curiosity and keeps us drawn towards it. Justify the irresistible streak of the colour black with the Original Sin Boot Trousers and spark a challenge for others to resist the temptation.
      • Gold speaks of success
        Last but not least, the colour gold has an implied meaning that we all know and understand. It is meant to signify achievement and triumph. Do you wish to spill the magic of gold with your attire? Try the Champagne For Breakfast Skirt and make a powerful statement!


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