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garden of eden gown adam and eve print original sin collection womenswear dress

The Original Sin Collection

The “Original Sin” Collection from KITES AND BITES revels in the symbolism of Eden Garden. Delight in the designs of sinuous snakes and forbidden fruit this collection adds a daring twist to our unique stylish women’s clothing while introducing eye-catching garment details and jewel-toned accessories.

Serpentine Symbolism

With their slithering, scaly bodies and their famed, fearful strike of death, it's no wonder that snakes have captured our hearts and imaginations since the dawn of time. The Original Sin Collection showcases the power and beauty of serpents, making them the focal point of these innovative stunning boot trousers.




Snakes are also featured heavily in the accessories of this collection, lending their graceful swirls to rings, arm cuffs, earrings and much more. And let's don't forget about the jeweled embellishments on clothes, like the gold snake on the Original Sin Shirt that is reaching for its forbidden fruit. Whether you see snakes as symbols of evil, fertility, or just another creature to be loved, you must admit--they create quite a striking look!




Paradise Lost…Paradise Found

Our exclusive detailed print features Adam and Eve in the moments before Original Sin. As they stand in the Garden of Eden, script brushes against the leaves to ask us all a timeless question, “Aren’t we all sinners?”

Both the Original Sin Kimono and the Original Sin Gown feature the exclusive hand-drawn Adam & Eve design printed on a luxurious non-stretch satin. It will leave everyone around you breathless. . . and, perhaps, contemplating their own fate. The bold black and white pattern looks great with colour-blocked or jewel toned accessories.





There are a variety of cuts featured in the Original Sin line. Perhaps the most daring is the asymmetrical cut on the Original Sin Gown. One strap sleeve and one long balloon sleeve create a dramatic look that is filled out by the sublime, full A-line skirt. The dazzling serpent embellishment on the strap accentuates this dramatic cut. 




Luxurious Materials

Luxurious silky satin, high-quality cotton and sparkling embellishments are the stars of the show! The Original Sin Collection offers two exclusive kimonos in shiny, non-stretch satin. The Original Sin kimono features the theme print with red colour-pop sleeves, while the Girl Like You kimono is floral, keeping with the floral inspiration. It has a higher cut and features flowing traditional Japanese sleeves for a dramatic silhouette.  





Feeling sparkly? The Sinner Blouse is richly embellished with amethyst sequins and flirty tassels. It might be one of the most daring women's blouses in the UK!  Or let your accessories do the talking for you with the Please Don't Talk To Me sparkle sequin earrings for women. This statement accessory is eye-catching and adds just the right amount of sparkle and sass to any look. 





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