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About us

"The world is to be explored, rules to be broken, fashion to be played with" 

Alexandra U. - Founder


KITES AND BITES is a contemporary brand born in the multicultural London. Being inspired by the vibe of the city we try to keep diversity as the centrepiece. We love to experiment with different kinds of textiles, prints and shapes, merging them with current trends for a more commercial approach. Embracing a truly international vision, our creativity comes from worldwide traditions, celebrations, landmarks and travel adventures. We do suffer from wanderlust.
Items can be grouped in tiny capsule collections, where each can stand independently from the others. Together they form an eclectic selection capable of satisfying the love for statement items. Our clothes are made to intrigue and be the centre of attention in any outfit. We take advantage of eye-catching details and have a crush on colours that express vitality. 
KITES AND BITES values uniqueness and quality. We’re the destination for garments that are conversation starters. We believe in the woman's confidence. She’s unique, outspoken and always willing to try new things.