10 Reasons you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear

10 Reasons you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear

You tend to shop all sorts of clothes that can be found on different women's clothing online stores or out in the shops. In reality, you should be shopping based solely on who you are and what suits your personality so that every single item you bring into your wardrobe speaks about YOU and makes you feel confident. It’s quite common to stare at the open closet and have a suffocating feeling that there’s nothing in there that you could wear. But why is that?


1. You don’t really have a style and you buy clothes based on trends. Thinking about the past years you were so sure that you’ve accumulated some amazing dresses. However, getting ready for a party you feel like none of those floral printed ones is suitable. Sure, flowers were in trend and they still are, but you don’t have to buy all the fast trends just because womens clothing stores sell them. Do you even like florals? Perhaps you can embrace our approach to trends: explore them, but change them. A dress with a floral lace turtle neck like the one in the picture is definitely more suitable for a cocktail party than any boho flower dress.

2. Also, you have more trendy items than staples. Lime green, soft pink, crazy neon tunic tops for women, but not a single white shirt that fits you perfectly. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about! Next time you go out shopping remember this. Which leads us to the next point…

3. Your closet has a few gaps. Maybe you don’t own the perfect black trousers or the section of womens coats and jackets in your closet is a bit weak. Purge your closet and make a list of everything that you need. Next time you’re out shopping think about investing in the perfect nude minimalist shoe or any other key items that will tie together outfits.

4. You’re not displaying them right. You were thinking about wearing a statement dress for the party tonight, but there’s none in your wardrobe. Wrong! Check under the folded jeans pile. You need to see most of the clothes so that you can get new styling ideas. How many times have you said, “I forgot I have this”? Tip: try to organize by outfits and not by type. Maybe you have a long black skirt that goes well with a T-shirt and 2 other tops in your closet. Put them close to each other. Or, if you have space, get a stand and put together a variety of outfits for the events of the following month. Spend some time to create a few options and avoid getting dressed in a rush. This way you can also solve the next problem:

5. You’re always in a hurry and can’t be bothered to look through everything. You end up wearing the same clothes over and over again. Think in advance. Tip: look for an item at the bottom of your closet, something you haven’t worn in ages. Build an outfit around that item and wear it the next day.

6. You keep clothes that don’t fit you. Maybe you gained weight or you lost weight, but don’t keep those clothes in your closet. Plus, the biggest mistake I see women do is buying something in a wrong size for 2 different reasons: you either hope to get in a smaller size soon or it’s on sale so you compromise on fitting & comfort. Stop! The only scenario this is accepted is if you buy menswear and you wear it oversized.

7. You shop without a plan. You need to start thinking about outfits when you buy something new. I’m going to talk about two scenarios I keep encountering. Throughout the time you found yourself thinking about a certain item that could have saved the day like a fitted jumpsuit. By all means, do buy one when you find it. An item that can be worn in endless combinations is gold. Or, you fall in love with a certain item, like a kimono (they're everywhere nowadays). Does it go with current items in your wardrobe? If the answer is yes, you can consider buying it. Tip: something that I always do is try it on. Don’t keep on obsessing about something. Chances are you might not even like its fit or look when you wear it. 

8. You haven’t cleaned out your closet in years. Stop holding on to old stuff that you’re never going to wear again. Remember that off the shoulder jumpsuit from your college prom? If you haven’t worn something for the past year, you’re probably not going to wear it again. Was it expensive and might be now considered vintage? Why not sell it and get some money back on the investment. Otherwise, just take them to a charity shop. Leave space for the clothes that you actually wear and this way it’s easier for you to see, hence wear everything.


9. A lot of your clothes look the same. You need to stop buying the same things and also avoid similarities between different items. Here’s what I’m talking about. You have a black fitted jumpsuit that you love, but you also have a pair of black trousers with the same cut and a blouse that looks almost the same as the jumpsuit top part. Plus, you wear these last two together. You get the picture.

10. You rarely get creative and you don’t play around with your clothes. Go on and assign new jobs to certain items. Turn a dress into a top by wearing a longer skirt on top of it. Wear a trench coat as a dress or a scarf as a top by knotting it. Don’t forget about accessories. Wear a necklace like a belt or some small brooches or pins as cuff-links just like in the photos below.


What to ask yourself next time you’re out shopping or you’re browsing online:

1. Do I have anything similar?
2. Does this feel comfortable? I’m not talking about a glamorous party gown that requires some sacrifices. We’ve all been there. I’m talking about a new pair of jeans or some new white womens shirts that you’re going to wear on a regular basis.
3. Can I build at least 3 outfits with it? Remember, versatile items are the best buy.
4. Would I still be buying this without the sale price? Be honest!
5. Does this speak about me, who I am or what I like at all? If not, forget about it!
6. Does this fill a gap in my wardrobe? Filling those gaps should represent a priority.

It’s never too late to get your closet game back on track. Start today!



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I guess it’s time to organize my summer closet. Great read!


I really like your blog posts. They are easy to read and offer quite a variety of info. Absolutely love the tips on this one!!


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