Fashion versus Style through the lens of a designer

Fashion versus Style through the lens of a designer

It might look odd at first glance that the two interchangeable terms ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ defining the path of a trend can actually stand apart in juxtaposition. We generally don’t care enough to study their separate boundaries and tend to give them the benefit of the doubt stemming out from our reluctance to analyze the difference between them both. As a designer, understanding the fashion concepts and getting them right is as important to me as it is to create and put soulful fashion in place.

You might find the conceptual difference between fashion and style anywhere on the internet but my endeavor through this post is to show you a detailed view of how I perceive the bigger picture to be able to get to its finest explanation.

To our common understanding “fashion” is the outward manifestation of the collective society whereas “style” is the inward expression of every single being. That is why fashion prevails at a universal level while it is very much possible to have a unique sense of style mirroring from the plane of our own personality type.

Studying the relationship between them has been an incredible subject of inquiry that has expanded my vision and honed my skills beyond measure. Based on ‘how fashion makes us evolve’ and ‘how style impacts our being’, I thought to crown the winner after weighing the attributes and functionalities they both hold. But to my surprise, an invisible thread caught my attention. A thread that brings the style and fashion in close conjunction.

On understanding the close relationship they both share, is when my mind gained immense clarity and realized the importance of balancing both the aspects in our daily application. So the conclusion is: choose the clothes and accessories that can have a fair play of both!

It is then that my mind coined a term called ‘Fashtyle’ and I decided to adopt it as the purpose through my venture with “Kites and Bites”. I initiated the journey of discovering its newer heights and dimensions.

As I’ve always said, style is a projection of one’s self where we could dress to express. Fashion is an equally important concept for us to explore! After all, we all have stepped into this life to have unique expressions along with having a profound interaction with the outer world.

Imagine a scenario, where your style is only about what you think and feel. No input and remark from the outside world! Wouldn’t it be an incomplete expression of your being? Would it be justified to disregard the voice inside of you that wants to be appreciated and celebrated in unity with this world?

So I changed my vision of putting a uni-focus on either of it and brought a little twist by adding my own flavour to what fashion has to offer to me!

It comes with two advantages, one you are not seen as a complete rebel wherein all you care is about your own perspective. Second, it gives a healthy plot to connect with the outer line of accepted standards with your added twist in it.

I know it all might seem to be of conceptual existence but believe me it worked wonders when I applied it in the practical line of creating trendy women’s clothing. I pursue my sense of style along with following the current lines of fashion.

My collection of clothes and accessories have been a fair justification to this ideology that depicts a delicate connect of style with the prevailing fashion. From Stuck on Reply Blazer to I’d Rather Be My Own Earring, you will find their amazing fusion which is clearly miles away from being the dead copy of some high-street fast fashion.


The passion-driven objective of Kites And Bites has made it a high-ranked women's clothing online store and explicit expression of designing fashion clothes for women is helping me to have the best of both worlds.

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