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How it all started

How it all started

A short story written for you by Alexandra, founder of KITES AND BITES
Marrakech Souk
Some of you might recognise this place. It’s the Marrakesh souk, Africa’s one of a kind market. This Moroccan place can be quite a challenge when it comes to finding your way back. You’d better buy what you like once you see it, otherwise you can kiss it goodbye. So I ended up with tons of colourful fabrics, tassels from their traditional hats and belly dance costumes’ crystal fringes. I know, quite an eclectic mix, but I believe this word defines my style. Couldn’t wait to come back home and make myself some clothes with my quirky finds. I wore all the new outfits to LFW and within the dozens of questions about my garments, I found the answer to one of my own - where can I get unique pieces that start a conversation? Knowing I can't be the only one who's tired of fast fashion and lookalike high street brands I turned my head towards the luxury ones. Sure, many of them offer the wow factor, but how many people can afford them? So what if I can make something that everyone can buy, but can't be found everywhere?
I’m that annoying woman who will stop you on the street to ask where’d you got that dress from. I once broke a heel and a toe running after a girl wearing the most beautiful Japanese embroidered kimono that I’ve ever seen. I always want to see factories and fabric ateliers when visiting foreign countries. I like discovering new cultures and traditions from all around the world. Plus, how nice would it be to have a piece of clothing that reminds you of a certain travel adventure you had? Or one that makes you buy a plane ticket and go to that island you’ve always wished to see? I don’t want just to sell clothes; I want to tell you stories. I believe that within this colossal selection of fashion brands the ones that truly succeed are the ones that always offer something new.
 I want this to be a place that offers garments for every one of you. I know many women are afraid to experiment with colours or are uncertain about mixing patterns, but I aim to create statement pieces that can be easily integrated in any wardrobe. Moreover, I believe each of us should have those special items that can save an “inspiration-less” day. I like to inspire women to dare more with their outfits.
Just walk the streets of London and you will feel like you’ve encountered different countries at once. I decided to build KITES AND BITES gathering inspiration from all around the world, merging everything here, in London, this multicultural melting pot. It is one of the best places to experiment, to get inspired from and to build up an idea that can develop into a fashion brand. I am now happy that the diverse vibe of this city speaks about my vision.
Many people have asked me what does the name KITES AND BITES stand for. Well, kites are the only things that can rise as high as they can without losing their ground sight, as they always have a string towards Earth. Plus, they’re bright, colourful and have great patterns and prints. As for the bites, they leave marks, just like a confident woman never afraid to try new things.
Alexandra Ursan

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