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The last Fashion-Tip

The last Fashion-Tip

written by our stylist Chris

You will be bombarded with fashion tips the moment you enter a single Search-Query in Google! And why not, in the modern age where everyone wants to be an influencer, you will never fall short of fashion advice! Ask for one and you will get 10 in return!

It can be difficult to handle the random piece of information coming from all sides of the field! And when it comes to fashion tips, I am sure you all know how horrible it can be to follow random advice!

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine following your aunt’s advice of wearing the two odds were never seen together! You further added your synthesis in it and integrated your preference of bold colors! 

 Let’s see what this fashion-recipe brings us!

You ended up wearing a ‘shimmery fuchsia-pink One-Piece’ dress with a denim jacket and a pair of sports shoes perceiving it to be an out of the box style! But was it really the case? 

I am sure you all must have got a fair idea of how we create fashion disasters!

 Accidental fashion’ I would call it that just happened!

To avoid such events, we can always follow a fashion figure, a magazine or perhaps a celebrity!

Here you will find the relevance of adoring and idealizing a ‘fashion icon’ who can actually direct our fashion sense from time to time! At least to the point where we don’t feel the need to be a follower anymore! The concept of fashion-influencers says a lot about it and clearly demonstrates our evolution in the line of fashion! 

Today, in fact, we are getting a huge contribution from the side of the Instagram-influencers who have disintegrated the fashion monopoly and have made ‘Fashion’ a 'decentralized affair'!

From a place where fashion meant the outfits coming right from the column of London’s Fashion Week’s’ magazine, we are now having it from the novel and creative styles of local influencers who are much more relatable and appreciable by the common people.

Blessed event indeed! I would actually call it the real freedom where we no longer buy the standardized definition of fashion and have started celebrating the heterogeneity!

As a stylist, I would say that apart from a few generic pointers there are absolutely no hard and fast rules for fashion! There is only one way you can get it right:

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

The more you experiment with colors, shapes, textures, clothes, and accessories, the more you are able to invade the unknown territories of fashion that will lead you to its newer destinations!

We will now discuss a few Takeaways that will broaden your fashion sense!

  • Dress age-appropriate:

    The rule of thumb is to always follow what naturally flows through you! The moment you try to fabricate your real essence is when you will end up in disappointment. The same thing applies to fashion! It is an important precedent to dress according to our age.

    We have confusingly been applying the saying ‘Age is just a number’ in the wrong context altogether! Its intent is to mentally uplift a person’s spirit that we have mistakenly been following in the line of dressing! 

    ‘OMG, you are oozing such grace’ will become your daily compliment once you realize the importance of your inner preferences!  
  • Contrast works wonders:

    It’s not always a good idea to be a matchy freak! If you are among those who want everything on-point and always aims for perfection then there is a great flaw in it already!

    Gone are eras where ‘matching’ used to be a cool custom! A pinch of ‘contrast’ justifies today’s definition of fashion! If you are looking to match your attire, footwear, and accessories, you are already moving out from the line of fashion! So try the contrast theory and have fun with your fashionable attires and accessories! Please stop it with the bag-shoes-belt coordination already. You know what I mean.
  • Overdoing doesn’t always pay:

    There is absolutely no need to overdo anything in order to accentuate the appearance! In fact, the beauty lies in subtlety! Whether it's about makeup or accessories, a balanced proportion of everything does the trick!

    Our mind always traps us into believing that if we put something in greater amount then we can amplify the effect! So we often think that a greater effort will always amount to greater results! Which is not the case! 

    It is the reverse scenario that works! The more effortless we do something the more it is likely to catch the attention! So keep it subtle, yet classy!  
  • ‘White’ always works:

    We all would agree that there are few things that never lose their charm! Evergreen they remain no matter what comes and goes! ‘
    White’ is essentially the top name in the list of such items that always works wonderfully!

    To relate it in fashion, I would say 
    White is a color that complements every expression and justifies every mood! If you are clueless or confused about what you should wear then ‘White’ is something that you can take on as your last resort. 

    And it will do the magic! Take my word for it!

In the end, as a stylist for Kites And Bites, a successful women's clothing online store, I would say that this post was my genuine endeavor to clear the air on how you should look up to any fashion-tip!

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